In  many  pastoral societies of Tanzania children of school age are in most cases lacks access to primary and secondary education. This tendency is attributed by combination of factors includes nomadic life of the pastoralists who are in constant movement with their herds searching for water and pasture, lack of education  awareness, child labour, early marriage, remoteness from learning institutions, etc.
In Maswa district the situation is different. Because of higher environmental destruction, the number and size of  herds has tremendously decreased. Most of the pastoral families are now practicing sedentary pastoralism with mixed farming where as cotton is highly grown as the main cash crop.
Despite the efforts of the government of building primary schools in almost all villages and secondary school in every ward, pastoral families in Maswa district are reluctant to send their children to school. The situation is extremely worse among girl children who are subject to domestic responsibilities at home, grazing of calf, milking, selling of milk, early marriage, etc.
Sensitization  and raising of awareness to the pastoral families for sending their children to school are highly needed. KASODEFO is tirelessly working for building awareness to the pastoral families in the rural of Maswa district where slight  changes have been realized.  We are supporting girl children and other children by paying school fees and providing them with some essential learning materials. However, resources are scarce than what we are striving for. In this regard, we invite and call for individuals, companies, and other organizations which are eagerly to join us in this endeavor. Karibuni sana!

In this photo, these are children (in half uniform) found out of school during school hours in Kumalija suburb Nung'hu division (Maswa).