KASODEFO has launched the promotion of human rights in Maswa district by integrating youth to champion and participate in protection and promotion of human rights. The project started by involving and integrating secondary school students and  youth out of school.  This has come as a response to high cases  of human rights violation in Maswa district  characterized by high persistence of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV), discrimination and segregation of women and girl children, and violence over children. Among other things, killings of elder women (with red eyes) suspected for witchcraft, wives beating and butchering, sexual harassment to women ang girls children, early and forced marriage, raping and child labour. Our organization has intervened by launching a sensitization and advocacy programme which also involve the withdrawing youth who are employed in killing of elder women in the district. 
Currently, the Executive Committee is visiting secondary schools to conduct discussions and debates on human rights and forming "Youth for Human rights Groups". By using the Teaching Materials (Package)  received Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI), our formed groups in secondary schools are now equiped with the text and video materials.
Now, our organization is about to implement the "UTAJUAJE PROJECT" (utajuaje means how someone can know for example if elder woman with red eyes is a witch) which aims at fighting against the increase of killings of elder women in Maswa district. Utajuaje, means how the killers know that elder women with red eyes are witch? Ok, they were told by the witchdoctor (s)..., then, how the witchdoctors know that a woman with red eyes is a witch? Utajuaje? We all know beyond doubt that red eyes to women  are caused by long use of cow dung as source of fuel. Then, how and why our grandmothers are killed for having red eyes? Utajuaje? (We need partners to support us).
In this photo, the Executive Director is with the students of Nyalikungu Secondary School (after the discussion) in Maswa town.


Data from Simiyu Region Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Report (2013) depict that HIV prevalence rate is 7.4 (which is above the national rate of 5.1)in Maswa district with high new infection to youth i.e. Commercial sex workers (some of the Barmaids), students in secondary schools and colleges, day workers youth in garage and carpentry workshops.  In response to the increase of new HIV infections and raise of HIV prevalence in Maswa district, Kawiye Social Development Foundation has launched a programme of disseminating HIV/AIDS education to primary school pupils, secondary school and college students, and youth out of schools. The aim is to enable them to have knowledge and understanding on the major ways of HIV infection, and necessary skills for protecting oneself from HIV infection. We want to increase the number of students who have the ability to make informed choices to avoid HIV/AIDS in Maswa district
This has been the main concern of our organization to put more efforts to sensitize this population group than the other because statistics shows that this age group is in higher risk than the other ones. Our goal is to see this targeted population is making informed choices with regard to avoid HIV/AIDS.
To make this goal effective, our staff and volunteers have a scheduled rotation of visiting different primary and secondary schools, colleges and youth gangs where the talk and teach them about HIV/AIDS.
In connection to that, the organization has carried out  a research on "Maswa town culture, Barmaids’ knowledge of HIV/AIDS and the justifications they give for having sex with multiple customers” which has reveled the intensity of HIV/AIDS to the Barmaids  i.e. infection, AIDS (opportunistic diseases, sufferings, trauma, segregation and discrimination). In this regard, KASODEFO has prepared a programme to sensitize commercial sex workers in regards to HIV/AIDS prevention. 

Students in one of the trainings 

 Together with the primary school pupils, the executive director is singing a song of comfort to those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Mr. Eliud John (facilitator) explaining to the pupils on the measures to prevent oneself from HIV infection.


In collaboration with the Maswa Non-governmental Organizations Network (MASWANGONET), KASODEFO has effectively participated in the event of collectiing puplic views and opinions to be considered in the on going process of writing new constitution for the united republic of Tanzania. This event was held at Maswa district council's hall on 21st January 2013, and in Malampaka township on 23rd January 2013. this exercise was sponsored by The Foundation For Civil Society (FCS Tanzania).
Among other things, attendants proposed the following
  1. The president has given more power and authority hence should be reduced.
  2. There should a full article concerning demands and welfare of youths.
  3. The head of Justice (one of the pillars of the government) should not be appointed by the president
  4. There should be a limit for the number of the ministries of the government
  5. The constitution should change the philosophy of the nation because it is no longer Socialism and self reliance
  6. All religious matters should be left to the religion concern and the government should continue to be secular
  7. Education system of the country should stated by the constitution so as to control the prevailing tendency of frequently changing of education syllabuses in the country.  
  8. All contract deals with exploitation of the national natural resources should pass to the parliament for approval
  9. There should be the constitutional measures upon the irresponsible representatives like Members of parliament.
  10. The constitution should set the limit of the national debt, etc.