Welcome to our website! We are Kawiye Social Development Foundation (KASODEFO), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Tanzania strive to improve quality of life by reducing poverty to the community, promoting human rights and social inclusion through training and support. We are based in Maswa district, Simiyu region. You are warmly welcome to join in our endeavors. Karibu sana!


    Our unique approach based on training and support in entrepreneurships, small and medium businesses, and fiscal support

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    KASODEFO is producing indigenous and hybrid chicks through its hatchery for community members.

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    For guaranteeing its sustainable capacity in serving the community, KASODEFO centers its attention in internal capacity development

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Promotion of family planning and safe motherhood, control of HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria in Maswa by KASODEFO

Through community mobilization, sensitization and demand creation, we are fighting Malaria, HIV/AIDS and TB. Family planning and safe motherhood, maternal and child health are parts of our campaign in Maswa district. Our Community Change Agents (CCAs) are the main facilitator through community communication approach. We focus much on social behavioral change through community communication where by demonstrations, drama, concerts, community initiated events, etc are used.

CCAs demonstration in Lalago 

Community sensitization through local dance 

Malaria control education 

Group discussion on safe motherhood and family planning 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Training on HIV/AIDS control to college students 2015

For  four  years consecutively, KASODEFO has manage to conduct training to college students in Maswa district with a focus of controlling new HIV infection to youth by helping them to make informed choices with regard to avoid HIV/AIDS. Recently, students from Mwanza polytechnic and Binza Vocational Training colleges attended the training held at Happy Hotel Maswa town. 

With a series of these training, we managed to open HIV/AIDS control clubs in colleges and secondary schools in Maswa district. These clubs are conducting debates, social events, campaigns, discussions, dialogues, etc related to HIV/AIDS control. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Computer training under KASODEFO is sreducing youth unemployment in Maswa

KASODEFO computer class in Majengo

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Stop killings of Albinos by strengthening their economy. Strong economy safe life to Albinos...

Supporting Albino to have sustainable sources of income is another  initiative of KASODEFO in Maswa district to fight against the killings of Albinos which are rampant in lake zone regions of Tanzania mainland. Most of the killed and injured Albinos are those living in poverty and poor housing making easy for the killer to attack them. Our work is to support them to have strong economy which will finally help them to have safe houses, and economic activities which will drive them out of risk
Albino can  not work for long time in a sun condition because their skin is easily attacked by strong sun rays to the extent of causing skin cancer. We have proposed different economic activities which suits Albinos and enable them to work by considering their healthy and physical security. Some  of the activities are fish farming schemes, poultry, embroidery and sewing, etc. Join us and support Albino in Maswa and Simiyu region.  

Executive director with Dada Christina at KASODEFO head office, Maswa. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Provision of school materials to the marginalized children has proved to control dropouts in Maswa community

KASODEFO is enormously supporting marginalized children in Maswa pastoral society where cattle are valued than children among the most Sukuma pastoralists

Microcredit scheme is now working successfull

Many women from poor economic background are now benefiting from our scheme. They are now able to start and expand their small business. Gardening, selling food and snacks, embroidery, etc are now prospering.