Welcome to our website! We are Kawiye Social Development Foundation (KASODEFO), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Tanzania strive to improve quality of life by reducing poverty to the community, promoting human rights and social inclusion through training and support. We are based in Maswa district, Simiyu region. You are warmly welcome to join in our endeavors. Karibu sana!


    Our unique approach based on training and support in entrepreneurships, small and medium businesses, and fiscal support

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    KASODEFO is producing indigenous and hybrid chicks through its hatchery for community members.

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    For guaranteeing its sustainable capacity in serving the community, KASODEFO centers its attention in internal capacity development

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Provision of school materials to the marginalized children has proved to control dropouts in Maswa community

KASODEFO is enormously supporting marginalized children in Maswa pastoral society where cattle are valued than children among the most Sukuma pastoralists

Microcredit scheme is now working successfull

Many women from poor economic background are now benefiting from our scheme. They are now able to start and expand their small business. Gardening, selling food and snacks, embroidery, etc are now prospering.