Stop killings of Albinos by strengthening their economy. Strong economy safe life to Albinos...

Supporting Albino to have sustainable sources of income is another  initiative of KASODEFO in Maswa district to fight against the killings of Albinos which are rampant in lake zone regions of Tanzania mainland. Most of the killed and injured Albinos are those living in poverty and poor housing making easy for the killer to attack them. Our work is to support them to have strong economy which will finally help them to have safe houses, and economic activities which will drive them out of risk
Albino can  not work for long time in a sun condition because their skin is easily attacked by strong sun rays to the extent of causing skin cancer. We have proposed different economic activities which suits Albinos and enable them to work by considering their healthy and physical security. Some  of the activities are fish farming schemes, poultry, embroidery and sewing, etc. Join us and support Albino in Maswa and Simiyu region.  

Executive director with Dada Christina at KASODEFO head office, Maswa.