Kawiye Social Development Foundation (KASODEFO) is a dynamic secular community based organization and registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in the United Republic of Tanzania under the Act number 24 (Section 12(2)) of 2002 with a registration number 00NGO/00005153 of 24th  February, 2012. Our head office is situated in Maswa district (Majengo Street), Simiyu region. With over five years of community service, the organization has grown from a community-based organization to a non-profit NGO, operating in the thematic areas of community development, human rights, health, gender, education and vocational training, modern agriculture and environment.  The Foundation is dedicated and committed in protection and promotion of human rights, enhance gender equality, and improving quality of life by reducing poverty of the community through training and support in social and economic initiatives, rehabilitation and development programmes basing on the national plan of reducing poverty (2025). Our organization is secular where as our programs are directed to the targeted groups regardless to their religious, ethnic or cultural background.

Our branch offices are  in Tabora town (temporarily closed), Mvumi (Dodoma), and Inyonga (Mlele district) in Katavi region. KASODEFO is still committed and dedicated in its mission  and seek to extend its scope.


 Objectives of our organization are  categorized into two categories namely; General Objective and Specific objectives as highlighted in Article 5 of the governing constitution of KASODEFO.

General objective of KASODEFO is to improve quality of life by reducing poverty of the community through training and support in social economic initiatives, rehabilitation and development programmes basing on the National plan of reducing poverty (2025) and Sustainable Development Goal (2030).

i. To propose and conduct researches, analysis  and review on poverty and other social and economic problems by tracing the underlying causes and then finding ways of remedying them through documentation, recommendations and community based organizations.
ii. To provide legal aid and human rights protection to the community by conducting legal guidance, counselling, advocating and any legal support in different means to the attainment of justice. 
iii. Work with local and international social partners  assisting on increasing capacity of identifying, design and implementing specific projects aimed at promoting and protecting the rights of marginalized persons, children with special needs, safe motherhood, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS pandemic and dismantle of environment that may cause poverty. 
iv. To promote effective application of modern agricultural means to guarantee higher yields to small farmers/peasants.
v. To organize, hold, mobilize and/or sponsor conferences, seminars, workshops, advocacy, meetings, public debates, media programs and other activities with review of promoting KASODEFO objectives on social economic life of the community for the youth groups, women groups, widows, technical groups, etc.
vi. To organize and mobilize local and international volunteers to work with and support targeted community in need and in providing professional manpower in implementing KASODEFO's projects and programmes.
vii. To raise funds in order to support KASODEFO's projects for assisting the marginalized segments of the community by providing them with relevant education, assistance and information in order to assert their capability in and seek improvement of their living conditions with particular emphasis on orphans, women, widows, disabled, HIV/AIDS victims and street children.
viii. Collaboratively with other humanitarian and social organizations to promote immediate relief to measures to people people suffering disasters such as epidemics, drought, hunger and famine, floods, diseases, etc.
ix. Provision of education to the community on issues related to environmental and ecological conservation aiming among other things to combat the prevailing impacts of deforestation, global warming, etc.
x. To improve access of clean water, safe and adequate quantity of water with increased access to sanitary facilities and hygiene education by building the capacities of the communities and local groups.
xi. To promote health and nutrition in rural areas and improve the standard of living to rural dwellers more specifically children, women, and elders by training them and integrating them into economic and social life. 
xii. To promote and instill the spirit of love among Tanzanians, respect and conservation of national culture and ideal traditions of Tanzanians.
xiii. To encourage the government, multilateral and bilateral agencies to allocate funds for assistance through their budgets to marginalized people for social and economic purposes.
xiv. To set interventions and support aimed at withdrawing children from hazardous and exploitative work sites by giving school opportunities as well as opportunities for vocational skills training.
xv. To do all such other things as are incidental for attainment of the above objective or any of them.


The foundation is organized, managed and operated on the basis of the following structure;
  1. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (Final decision making organ)
  2. BOARD OF DIRECTORS (Oversight organ)
  3. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (Day to day functioning organ) 

Our contacts are:

Kawiye Social Development Foundation 
P. O. Box 124, Maswa-Simiyu region
Tanzania, East Africa.

Mobile: +255786857772/0769590731/0781198298
 Email: kasodefotz@gmail.com/kasodefotz@yahoo.com
Blog: www. kasodefo.blogspot.com

Physical location:
Majengomapya street, Maswa town