KASODEFO welcomes volunteers from within and outside Tanzania to work with us in executing our various activities. Our organization is based in Maswa district with its head office in Maswa town (Majengo Street). We are serving the community in rural and urban areas. Private volunteers, those from organizations and even students (for field practices, research and interns) are warmly welcome!

Interested individuals/organizations/institutions can contact the Executive Director using the following address;

Executive director 
Kawiye Social Development Foundation 
P.O. Box 124 Maswa, Simiyu, Tanzania 
Phone: +255769590731/+255786857772
Email: kasodefotz@gmail.com 
WhatsApp: +255769590731
Skype: kasodefotz

1.  Legal aid, legal education and human rights campaign.
     KASODEFO is offering legal aid free of charge which is given free of charge at our office (legal clinic) and through mobile legal clinic
·         We offer legal education to special groups (women, children and people with disabilities, students in schools, etc) and community members.
·         We training paralegals who work voluntarily in their respective villages

2.  Vocational training
KASODEFO is offering vocational training to women, youth and people with disabilities on;
·         IT, Computer application and maintenance
·         Tailoring, knitting and embroidery
·         Carpentry and joinery

3.  Microfinancing , Entrepreneurship and production skills
·         We offer training on business and entrepreneurships
·         We train products production eg soap making, candle making, cookery and bakery, batik making
·         We are offering microfinancing services through microcrediting, training and consultancy

4.  Teaching
We need volunteers to teach especially science as well as physical education subjects. The main areas are;
·         Primary schools (we need English and science teachers)
·         Secondary ordinary and advanced level (we need teachers for Basic mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, nutrition, and physical education)
·         College (trainers/teachers for nursing and medical subjects)

5.  Technical staffs (for KASODEFO)
·         Project design
·         Fund raising
·         Financial and planning
·         Management and Human resources
·         IT (which can be useful also for training), etc

6.  Modern agriculture
KASODEFO is promoting modern agriculture through training and support on;
·         Gardening
·         Poultry, fish farming, cattle, pigs,  etc
·         Irrigation technology
·         Crops production (sunflowers, cotton, maize, rice, etc)
·         Tree farming (commercial planting and agroforestry)

7.  Sports and games
·         Coaching of soccer, netball, volleyball, basketball and running of different sports and game competitions.

8.  Women, children, adolescents and people with disabilities
·         Projects based on advocacy and support

9.  Health
·         We train and support voluntary health workers
. Doctors, nurses and other medical specialists are needed to work in dispensaries, health centers and district hospital. 
·         Community sensitization and demand creation (Malaria, TB, HIV/AIDS, Family planning, maternal and child health) through community communication program

10.             Water, hygiene and sanitation
·         We promote simple technology in water harvest and storage
·         We promote hygiene and sanitation

11.            Environment
·         To address the impact of environmental degradation

KASODEFO organizes for accommodation of volunteers depending on ones choice. Both home stay and hotel are available

ii.        TRANSPORT
Transport services are available for project and private purposes. Bikes, motor bike and car are available for volunteers depending on the demand

i.          Political wise, Maswa district as in other parts of the country is characterized by peace, security and political stability. Maswa district is one of the five districts of the recently established Simiyu region in North western Tanzania. Previously, Maswa district was in Shinyanga region. Simiyu region is bordered by Manyara and Singida Region in the East, South by Shinyanga Region, West by Mwanza Region and North by Mara Region. Also Eastern and part of Northern Boundaries lies the famous Serengeti and Ngorongoro National Parks.
ii.            The natives and majority settlers of Maswa district are Sukuma pastoralists who are very generous especially to strange people who come to their area.
iii.      Our office is in town where there is access to clean tape water, electricity supply, dispensaries, market and shopping centers, health center and the Government district hospitals. The District commissioner office, District Executive Director office, District Community Development Office, District Police Station and other officials are all in this town and they are cooperative to our organization.
iv.        There are also different religious denominations for Christian and Muslim volunteers.