Violation of human rights has been reported to be extremely in Simiyu region and Maswa district in particular. Such  violation is characterized by alarmingly killings of elders, beating of wives, forced and early marriages, rapes of women and girl children, children employment (in grazing, milking and selling of milk), discrimination and segregation of women in politics and leadership processes. 
However, this situation is basically caused by some of the bad and discriminating traditions and customs of the Sukuma pastoral society  which define women as source of leisure to men, inferior group and responsible for all domestic roles at home. Witchcraft beliefs, high illiteracy, nomadic way of life and rampant poverty are also leading to this violation in the region. 
For example, persisting and increasing drought in the region is mainly caused by overgrazing, shifting cultivation and high deforestation. But because of illiterate, women (elders) have been defined to be the main cause of rain shortage in the region claimed to be bewitching rain formation. In this regard, women are daily killed in the region accused for rain shortage something which is not true. For example on 4th November 2012, Ngolo Soni (45yrs) was killed in Jihu village accused for  being a witch woman. Report from the Regional Police Commander (RPC, Simiyu) revealed that some of the killer were the blood brothers of the deceased. The dead body of Ngolo Soni was secretly buried in the latrine pit of one the killers until 2nd October 2012 when the secret was leaked. 
Recent data from the Simiyu Region Police Commissioner depict that a woman (Mbuke Malando, 65 yrs) from Shishiyu village in Maswa district was aggressively killed on October 25th 2013 during the midnight. In the same incidence, a daughter of the deceased, (Rahel Charles, 20 yrs) was severely injured by the killers. The suspect, Ndalawa Lugeme (male, 38 yrs) was caught by the police and is expected to be taken to the court on 22nd November 2013 depending on the police investigation. Prior information reveal that Mbuke Malando was killed because of witchcraft belief. 
Asia Hamisi (28yrs) was killed by her husband (Emmanuel Lucas, 36 yrs) on November 26th 2013 at Stand mpya street whereby her dead body was found on December 2nd 2013 around the bush. In another incident, Milembe Manyili (67 yrs) and her daughter Minza Manyewe (35 yrs)  were publically killed by the crowd of angry villagers of  Igunya village,  Shishiyu ward on 4th December 2013 (6 pm) suspecting and accusing them for witchcraft.  
Marriage traditions and bride price paying system have been also condemned to be the root cause of discrimination of women in marriage.  Bridegroom uses to give/pay many cows as bride price to the wife's parents.  Even the approach of getting the fiancee is subjected to discrimination and oppression over women/girls. The process is basically done in public where the girl is surrounded by many boys. Force is frequently used and girls are sometimes beaten by aggressive boys.

In this photo, boys are scrambling and fighting to win a girls as a fiancee

In this photo, a boy is seducing a girl as it is seen while others are waiting for the same chance. This kind of approaching girls for marriage is famously known as "Chagulaga" in Kisukuma which meas 'select one" . in order to be safe a girl whether she like or not, should select one boy. 


Certificate of attendance of the Project coordination training held  at the New  Dodoma hotel (Dodoma) by the Foundation for Civil Society (FCS)