Kawiye Social Development Foundation is a National wise  registered NGO to work in Tanzania mainland. Now we are working with the community in Maswa district of the new Simiyu region in North western Tanzania, Mlele district in the new Katavi region, and in Mvumi, Dodoma (branch offices).
Our work focuses on;
  •   To protect and promote human rights and provide legal support: Our organization is doing advocacy, protection and promotion of   human rights based on women, elders and children rights. Also we are supporting the victims of gender based violence, discrimination, segregation, imbalances, oppression and corruption to get their rights, also advices and guidance. Our organization has a special paralegal desk for paralegal support which is under the paralegal department.
  • Modern agriculture: Kawiye Social Development Foundation is working with and supporting small scale farmers/peasants to conduct modern agriculture. We are supporting 3 farmers' groups in Nh'aya village (Kilimo kwanza group), Iyogelo village (Mkombozi group), and Mwabayanda village (Songambele group). These farmers groups deals with paddy, cotton and sunflowers growing. Sunflowers is a newly crop grown in Maswa district, it need more training to the farmers for modern growing and processing of sunflowers products. 
  •  Peer education to the adolescents, both girls and boys. We provide gender and reproductive education to adolescents both boys and girls. Most of our clients are primary and secondary pupils. One of our main concern is to fight increase of early/forced marriage, child pregnancies in Maswa pastoral society, transmission of STD's especially new HIV infections.
  • Economic capacity building (empowerment): Building capacities and to empower  local people through training on issues related to entrepreneurship and vocational education and helping them in economic initiatives through microcredit,etc etc.
  • Environment: Environmental conservation, education and programs
  • Water: Water and Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programs,.
  • Civic education: Dissemination of civic eduction, advocacy for human rights, etc
  • Gender issues: Promotion of gender equality and equity in pastoral societies of Maswa district.
  • Health projects: Fighting against infant deaths and persistence of different communicable and non-communicable diseases like HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria,  etc. 
  • Social support to the disadvantage groups: Elders, widows, street children  and  orphans support.
  •  Education: Our organization is supporting the development and improvement of educational sector by finding solution to high shortage  of teachers in Maswa by mobilizing local and international volunteers to teach science, physical education, English and business subjects. Also, we have projects based on promotion of gender parity in primary and secondary school enrollment, community sensitization on issues related to education management and development, etc
   In this photo,  the Executive director leading a training to girl pupils (with blue skirts), primary school teachers and parents in Malampaka about the effects and ways of controlling child marriage and child pregnancies which are the major causes of girl pupils school dropouts in     Maswa.
Mr. Sayi Joseph makinga with some of the children supported by our organization.

 Mr. Ezekiel Kassanga (Executive director) caring a widow elder in Buchambi ward 

Executive Director interviewing women in Lalago village,  Maswa east.